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Inflection Point — Suckers’ Roulette Chapter 2


Chapter 2 of Suckers’ Roulette, “Inflection Point” is up on Medium. Here’s an excerpt:

The day after their twenty-eighth wedding anniversary, Sarah and Tommy had gone together for their first treatments, and for the past year she had looked at Tommy over her cereal bowl and over his tea mug at the breakfast table each morning. His hair and beard darkened and his skin tightened up and his muscle tone improved — not to the point of being young again — that was still out of reach of medical science — but at least no longer old. And Tommy had watched her and seen the same thing. Together they, like everyone, had seen first-hand the limits of rejuvenation. Another fifty or sixty years of middle-age was less than they wished for. But it was all they had, and so much better than the alternative. As that first year of rejuvenation came to a close, Sarah had looked at Tommy across the breakfast table, and found that she had stopped looking back at the past. Now fifty years stretched in front of her, and for the first time in a long time the world felt like it was getting bigger instead of smaller.

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