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Story — Racing the Avalanche


My story, Racing the Avalanche has been published at It is about 2100 words, or a nine-minute read.


… He did like her, so he definitely didn’t tell her that it had been a while since he’d had a girlfriend. Nor did he mention that the girl he’d been in love with on-and-off for most of college had at last made it clear that she was simply not interested in him. In fact, those things didn’t cross his conscious mind.

He noticed she was standing close to him. Then a bit closer. Then closer still. He could see the line of her collarbone in the open neck of her shirt. Her hair, tied back, revealed way her jawline curved up beneath her ear. And although the house was full of people, suddenly there was only her.

Soon they found a precarious solitude in the upstairs hallway, along the banister above the stairs, between the bathroom and the linen closet, talking and talking. And then the sudden uselessness of words. He stopped mid-sentence and leaned to kiss her, and she leaped to meet him. It was like tipping over the edge of a cornice and plunging down a steep field of snow in the sunshine. She flung herself after him. Go boy! I’m right right behind you!